Planning Your Purchases For More Productivity And Savings

Here are some tips on how to organize your purchases improving your productivity and making them more fun:

  1. Write it down

When things are about to end, write them down on your list of pending purchases and place it in a place that is visible and within reach of all family members, so that everyone cooperates in writing down what needs to be purchased before becoming something urgent. You can even teach the person who helps you clean the house, so you can write down the cleaning things you will need on the list.

  1. Avoid making two trips

Make sure you take the list with you when you go to buy and also organize your activities so that you make your trip to the supermarket coincide with other activities to take advantage of the output.

  1. Plan it well

If you avoid having emergencies achieving the control of writing it down before it is finished, you can plan your trips to the purchase and in that way go fewer times to the supermarket. You will save time, and you will never miss anything.

  1. Organize your route

You save a lot of time when you plan what you have to do. Check and organize your activities to solve things on the way to the supermarket and also back planning the activities geographically, you save a lot of time, and you reduce a lot of stress.

Organize the list by areas

Enter in your list together with the items that are within the same area, that way you will give fewer returns in the store because you will have previously organized. Everything about vegetables and fruits together, everything from cans together, meats, etc.6. Help the children or young people

Pack fruit and vegetables together

Also note that the person who helps you pack your purchases, put together fruits and vegetables so that if you can not get everything out of the car, you can at least take out these bags so that the products are not damaged, then calmly you can return for the rest.

6. Help the children or young people
If they accompany you to the purchase and they are old enough to support you, while you buy fruits and vegetables, they can go for the refreshments or the bread.

7. Keep fresh products that need it
You can say that in almost all houses we have a bag or box that helps keep cold or refreshing what you keep in it if you do not have it, buy it, because it is very useful to always bring an in the trunk and place in it the food you buy that needs refrigeration. It will keep them at a better temperature than the standard trunk of the car until you get home. Ask those who help you to pack your purchases to put all these products together so you can take that bag away and get to the car and keep everything fresh.

  1. Write down other things too.

On many occasions, we have other things that we also need to buy, and that can be purchased at the supermarket, such as a greeting card or some gift that we have pending, so write it down on your list too.

  1. Plan your menus

If you plan what you are going to prepare to cook during the week, then you can also schedule your purchases by reviewing the recipes so that you do not miss anything. It’s about having everything you need when you start cooking.

  1. Do some pre-work

When you get home with your purchases, organize, clean and cut or chop what you can advance so you can save time when you start cooking. Wash the vegetables, chop or reduce what can be overtaken, wash the fruit, etc.

  1. Double the preparation

There are many things you can cook twice to use half and the other freeze so that you can have ready broths or sauces for later.

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